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01:32pm 22/07/2010
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09:27am 24/12/2004
mood: tired
popping out from retirement briefly to wish you all a suitably happy christmas and a splendid new year...
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07:34pm 22/09/2004
  breaking my silence for a request for all of you who know doubtfulme...

she's now at college at winchester and doing not too badly but if you want to sunny up her day by sending her either post or commenting here (and i shall print off as she's got limited email access at the moment) i shall see what i can do. if you want to write to her please mail me privately and i'll send you her address

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10:29am 24/08/2004
  for the moment, i bid you all farewell. i'll be reading my friends list and commenting but not updating for a bit for various reasons

12:54pm 23/08/2004
mood: tired
heavens what a weekend of cinematic delights! i've done very little this weekend other than catch up with sleep - and much of it! - catch up with my cd purchases from america (there'll be more on that later, but generally speaking plinth you were so incredibly right about the sam prekop album! BEAUTIFUL!), a bit of shopping in town (the first song from the new robyn album "spooked" with gillian welch and david rawlings on the free word magazine cd is absolutely wondrous) and - well - films!

first of all "off the charts: the song poem story". if you don't know about song poems go to here and take a look and several deep breaths. it's an incredibly weird but addictive world once you get into the heady realms of the song poem universe. basically little adverts advertising recordings for your poetry - the audio equivalent of vanity publishing - in the back of magazines result in various studios (for a price) recording a version of your lyrics in a variety of styles - country, pop, gospel, folk etc etc. - on a record for your pleasure and the wider public's bafflement. song poems are probably the most accessible form of outsider music to get into - it takes a while to listen to the shaggs beyond just badly performed music, and many people can't get over the ludicrousness of shooby taylor "the human horn" to hear the absolute glory of his unaffected enthusiasm. but song poems are a different matter - you can get easy laughs with such oddities as john trubee's "blind man's penis" (which he tells us on the documentary he wrote merely to prove that song poems were a con and instead found himself in the extraordinary position of having his deliberately offensive lyrics - the mildest being "I got high last night on LSD/ My mind was beautiful, and I was free/ Warts loved my nipples because they are pink/ Vomit on me, baby/ Yeah Yeah Yeah." performed as a wonderful country ballad by the great ramsey kearney) or "junkies and monkeys" (a warning to us all) to more extreme stuff like the genius of "non violent taekwondo troopers". this is written by the incredibly eccentric caglar juan singletary and sung by the most extremely odd of all the song poem people, david fox, goes something like this "angelariaaaaa! (the name of singletary's bicylce) Show me yourself/ Come in the spirit of Jesus Christ/ thank Jehovah for kung fu bicycles and priscilla presley." singletary is a bit of a ladies man ("the subjects i write about are martial arts, ladies and religion, oh and science fiction too") as his masterpiece "annie oakley" demonstrates: "i have taken a vow of celibacy until marriage/ but if Annie was to tempt me into her carriage/ I might lose to Miss Oakley - it's not funny/ Annie is one of my historical honeys."

the greatest thing about this documentary is that it manages to introduce us to some of the oddest people ever seen on the screen (singletary, norm orvitz, gary forney and david fox) and never once treat them with anything other than love and respect which is a hard thing to do. your first reaction to this stuff - as with much outsider music - is to laugh or sneer at it but NO! this stuff is just - wired differently. there is a naivety and innocence to the best of the stuff that the director really understands. unlike "spellbound", the documentary about the national spelling bee, i also saw this week which sometimes did laugh at the protagonists (well it's almost understandable considering one of the main children involved was the single most annoying individual ever) this film really does treat them with respect. but neither is it worthy - oh heavens no. it's ruddy hilarious. gene merlino, the king of the demos, who once recorded some 86 demos in four hours and won a grammy with the anita kerr singers in 1966 over the beatles and the rolling stones and worked with sinatra and elvis, is one of the most charming men ever. the footage on the extras with him battling with the concept of how he ever recorded the song "moon men" is simply wonderful, as he struggles manfully through one take of badly written doggerell and yet still makes it out alive. we see him taking fifteen minutes to knock out such memorable songs as "the 23rd channel", "i am a ginseng farmer" and "out in the woods" in ONE TAKE AND ONE TAKE ONLY is wonderful. then we get david fox, perhaps the only song poem recorder to not quite demonstrate any distance from his clients as his manic excitement and speedy recording of norm orvitz tribute to john carpenter's "the thing" demonstrates. it takes forty eight minutes from opening the letter to recording the final version of the single and fox sings it like it's the most important moment of his life. yet the sequence isn't over until we witness norm ovitz's rather bemused expression as he realised that fox has added a few boogies to the song as it is played back to him for the first time. surprising poignancy with the king of the song poem, rod keith, who managed to really polish some of the biggest turds in musical history and make them sound special and his early death and his song poem collecting son

and the iowa mountain tour. oh yes. how can we forget. gary forney is possibly the most wonderfully self deluded man i have ever seen. we see a painful sequence where he phones a danish radio station at probably the early hours of the morning and asks how his music is going down. long standing customer of the song poem industry ("caravan": ""What are we doing here/ where are we going to/ Caravan/ Tell me if you can, what is the big plan/ Everywhere we go everyone we know seems to be Insane."), he suddenly decided that he can do this himself and with his rather bemused son forms the wonderfully unironic iowa mountain tour. there is a sequence of them performing such numbers as "chicken insurrection" and "three eyed boy" live at a folk festival which manages to be one of the most painful things you've ever seen (you know the bit in "father ted" where ted and dougal try and enter eurovision with their own ragged acoustic guitar rendition of "my lovely horse"? well imagine that bit musically but with a vocal completely in a different key. for both songs), the most hilarious thing you've ever seen and - as he manages to win the audience over - the most inspiring thing you've ever seen. "i think i may have played a few wrong notes" says forney's son as they leave. you're not kidding my friend. but the stuff that really hits home are the passion and love of all those involved. even old pros like gene merlino seems to have fondness for the daftness of it all and the most moving scene in the film is a long standing and aging song poem client, who once paid two thousand dollars to record his own gospel album ("but it came out wrong. still i tried") hearing his rather movingly naive poem of his young love set to a rather charming ballad by ramsay kearney. it's a wonderfully touching moment and it is to meltzer's credit he focuses on this rather than the bell laugh

the film is genuinely a wonderful thing though - oodles of extras as well. really if you love or are vaguely intrigued by the extreme world of song poems you could not do better than this film and the setanta (bar/none in the states) cd "do you know the difference between big wood and brush". dave is currently trying to write a poem and send it off, so desperate is he to get one for himself - bless him. hugely recommended
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10:40am 20/08/2004
mood: happy

chris decided that me dying of asthma because of all the dust coming from the stairs was possibly not a good idea and told me to stay at home instead! WOO HOO! so i've had a proper sleep at last - ten hours which is unheard of for me, just ask sarah - and am spending the morning tidying and the afternoon speaking to sarah! EEEEP!

yay! so a good day today! hurrah!

off for breakfast now - more later
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03:18pm 19/08/2004
mood: annoyed
god this library is going to kill me

they're taking down the stairs so we can put in a new disabled access friendly lift and new stairs and our boss in his *inifinite* wisdom decided we have to stay put during the duration. which i could live with if it wasn't for the HUGE amount of dust and god knows what the big industrial type cutting whatsits are throwing out all over the show and seems to be giving me some of the worst asthma of recent memory

i feel ill. very ill. am determined to stick it out to the end of the day

and OH THE NOISE! oh the humanity...
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10:48am 19/08/2004
mood: thoughtful
as the academic year here grinds to a start, and i have to make sure preparations are ready for the influx of new students and their inductions one particular student who is going to start intrigues me. because unless there are a number of people who share holly's rather unique surname, then an old colleague of mine - not so much a friend, although we did get on fine - from loughborough days is starting the PGCE course in september. this is particularly odd because this is what i aim to be doing - although with further education - myself in a year's time so somehow or other holly has along the line, i'm assuming, also become disillusioned with the world of librarianship. also means i have to doubly make sure i know what i'm talking about in her inductions as she got a better degree than me i think. oops!

as sarah is due in three weeks, and the commutes to winchester begin i'm slowly beginning to plot my own plans for next year. the thing is i'm currently torn between the initial plan - to apply to do further education PGCE in media studies - or going the much harder, but ultimately more rewarding phd route. the only problem with the phd route is i'm - well - as you may know not exactly overflowing with confidence in myself and my own abilities, even though i am rightly proud of my MA. i do wonder whether i'd be able to hold my own in any sort of proper academic discipline though - but i also know that i need to (and i mean NEED to) go back to film. it's what i understand, it's what i know, it's what i love, it's what i get giddily excited about even if i can't always articulate it well. i also significantly worry about funding - sarah will be substantially in debt, and i'm only just recovering from the MA debts. if i did the PGCE training then i'd get some funding and support myself but probably not so likely if i went for the phd. i'm really torn here. part of me thinks i should just apply for both, so that if i'm disappointed in my application for the phds and particularly some form of funding i'll at least be in the PGCE world. i'm really not sure. all i know is that this time next year i want to be teaching my replacement how to do this job and know i'm going up on the ladder of career progression in a field i actively want to do

does anyone have any thoughts or guidance? i'd really appreciate all or any feedback you may have...
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04:51pm 18/08/2004
mood: amused
god i love kevin murphy

for one, he's tom servo in mystery science theater 3000 but for two "a year at the movies" is one of the most exilarating books on film i've read in ages. for why? for because it's funny, passionate and inteligently written. how so? well this so for a start. at the beginning of my MA we all had to struggle with the gramscian theories of hegemony linked to the frankfurt school

this is defined here as "Hegemony is a term first used in it’s current sense by the Italian Marxist Gramsci who realised that the ruling class in any society not only have great economic power at their disposal but can also exercise an ideological control over the culture itself through the ‘Texts’of that culture.The term is so useful that it is used by many non-Marxist thinkers to explain the way that the media effects the way people think." which is actually a good deal clearer than the way it was defined for us three years ago. we eventually got the idea of it - that the state controls the people by setting up certain ideas as "common sense" through things such as the media so that the people just accept those views - but at first it was a struggle

now here's kevin talking about the blockbuster season. "there are many lofty theories about the role of the spectator in the popular film! the most helpful theory for the blockbuster season perhaps comes from the prewar frankfurt school of critical theory, which suggests that popular films manipulate us into a passive acceptance of the common values of the movie industry, and we become putty in the hands of the overlords of the culture! well, heck, yes, we're manipulated, what do you think we go to the movies for? hello-o! we are there to be entertained! what, do they think we look at ben affleck as a revisionist historical monad of america's rationalization for imperialisation and global hegemony wearing the noble hero's mask?! do we sit there and see vin diesel as symbolic of a faux anticultural iconography that simultaneously embraces the dominant sex role stereotype?! rob schneider perceived as a mimetic archetype compelled to the animal nature of the primal male self by embracing the animal mythos? please! we want to see ben get the girl and beat the japs! vin is there to drive fast and kick ass! rob is just plain funny! did you see the previews (of "the animal")? he wants to have sex with a goat; that's just funny! who cares if there's any meaning or subtext in all of this; leave that to the navel gazers who read "film comment"! the frankfurt school is right, and we love it! manipulate us! suck us in! suspend out disbelief, that's why we're here! here's how you can help those around you who are resistant and therefore less entertained than you! comment loudly and often about what's going on in the film! laugh suddenly and loudly at jokes, to clue people in on what's funny; this is critical to the crowd's enjoyment of any rob schneider product! and if anyone says things to you like "shut up" or "will you shut the hell up or i'll call the manager" just give him a smile and remind him that he is the one wrecking the film right now, not you, and he should just relax and enjoy!"

why do we bother with jargon when someone can make their point so well and so hilariously. this book - good god. i need to do film again. i really NEED it....
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11:36am 18/08/2004
mood: tired
I slept! Okay well I admit I slept because I had a tamazipan (or however it’s spelt) tablet which knocked me out for seven full hours but SEVEN FULL HOURS! WOO HOO! I feel – well – tired really but tired is better than yesterday when I felt like something akin to the living dead at times. I *may* get some of Thursday or Friday off as well as the stairs in the library are being removed to make way for a lift. Much of the upstairs of the library will thus be inaccessible for about six weeks which will be fun when it comes to my inductions and tours of the library. Oh yes. But as the stairs come down tomorrow and Friday all that will be open in the library is the counter area and four of us with no library to enter – not really adviseable. So as long as someone can answer the phone – I’m suggesting we do shifts to cover the two days – I may not be needed and can lie in! oh happy day! To lie in!

Otherly: part of the problem of the undue tiredness caused by the jetlag is I’m finding it hard to fill in the hours once I’m done working. I want to – and to a degree need to – start work on the book, but haven’t the energy to get stuck in (though I aim to do some this weekend) and end up sort of wandering the web or watching episodes of “the Kids in the Hall” box set I bought in America. The sooner I get out of this slump and get down to some proper work the better for me – and part of this work ties in with my big request to all of you who know such things.


My trustworthy computer after five years is beginning to strain a bit and is beginning to look like it has had better days. It’s getting weary and struggles and crashes a lot. So I’m thinking rather than buying a new computer, to take some of the heat off of it and buy a laptop. This also neatly ties in with Sarah coming to Britain so she can use it in holidays if she needs to do work and not worry about always asking to use my machine.

SO – any of you know anything about laptops? What the best deals are? How best to buy one? I’m rubbish with these things and need all the help I can get!

Anyone have any thoughts?
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11:21am 17/08/2004
mood: tired
ANOTHER bad night of sleep, most frustrating considering that this time my brain was as tired as my body was. I was nicely heading towards the land of slumber when I suddenly realized a tiny part of my brain was not going to give up without a considerable fight and would do all it could to keep me awake. And did so til about 3:50 in the morning. Thankfully I asked David to wake me if I wasn’t mobile when he got up so I had the unenviable task of getting up, washing, dressing, eating and getting to work all in the course of about forty minutes. Which I managed but sadly meant that I ended up at work completely shattered and exhausted before I got to do anything. Which is one of the reasons I am writing this – hopefully if I can be slightly lucid here then I can actually do proper work type things AS WELL. Sometime this week I shall update livejournal with some of the musical purchases I have succumbed to in the last couple of weeks – but suffice to say if what set me off on Sunday night was the wonderfully tired sounds of Stars of the Lid then last night it was the wonderfully warm and intimate loveliness of the Innocence Mission’s “Befriended”. I tried dozing off to Sufjan Stevens’ “Seven Swans” but it was too sparse and stimulating to relax to. Quite why people continue to witter on about Devendra bloody Bernhart and his tired old Marc Bolan obsession I have no idea – in Sufjan Stevens you have everything AND MORE you could ever want from a modern singer in the folk idiom. I cannot think of a more wonderful musician currently working. Oh dear no

Otherly – I finally saw “A Mighty Wind” and I think I can safely say that – and I know this will be controversial – it’s a better film than “Spinal Tap”. Oh “Spinal Tap” is funnier and wilder and more inventive but it is also – if you’re going to be honest about it – undisciplined, messy, structureless and has as many longeurs as it has classic moments. It’s a great film but not a great *film* if you follow me – cinematically it can be quite ropey. But “A Mighty Wind”? Less inventive maybe, less moments of absolutely mad comic genius, and far more conventionally structured – but it’s warmer, more sophisticated, surprisingly tender and has some of the funniest moments I can think of in recent film. My particular favourite was the insane manager of the equally insane New Main Street Singers, and his complete ignorance at how useless his handful of poor catchphrases were. But I shall use “Wha’happen?” henceforth as if it were one of my own poor catchphrases. The real finds for me were 1. the colour obsessed nonsense of the main New Main Street Singers 2. Eugene Levy’s extraordinary eyebrows (and how much did I want to hear Mitch’s solo albums? Very much indeed) as Mitch 3. the train obsessed British husband of Mickey 4. the Swedish Yiddish head of PBN and 5. the dead promoter’s family. Actually I think I found those three characters the most emotionally satisfying in the whole film – Bob Balaban’s ball of anxiety (the scene particularly where he worries about the two dimensional giant banjo and the dangers of dangling vines), the sister’s absolute grief and emotion at even the most banal of the folk songs (I swear she was welling up at “Old Joe’s Place”) and BEST OF ALL the brother who hates folk music. I swear his reactions to the various musicians during the concert were worth the whole film – he was such a tiny character, barely sketched out but the reactions of utter boredness to actually being moved during the Mitch and Mickey song (and what a clever rewrite of Richard and Linda Thompson’s “End of the Rainbow” that was) said more to me about the sophistication of the film than anything else. “Spinal Tap” has no moments so emotionally affecting, which is one of the reasons why I think “A Mighty Wind” to be significantly superior.

The other reason is one that ties in with MOJO’s (aka “another year, ANOTHER sodding Beatles cover” which for once I bought because of the free CD) frankly bogglingly stupid review of the film. They correctly point out nothing in “A Mighty Wind” has anything as funny as “Stonehenge” in “Spinal Tap”. True, but considering my favourite bit of “Spinal Tap” has always been “Jazz Odyssey” that didn’t exactly bother me. But what the review did get wrong was its criticism of the structure of the film. They actually thought the “hey let’s put a show on!” structure was one of the things WRONG with the film. EH? It actually gave the film narrative drive, a plot and structure which makes the film as good as it is. Yes it’s a conventional plot device, but I’m not sure that that’s necessarily a bad thing if the film ends up generally for the better because of it. Also they complained that “no one went electric in it”, moaning about missed opportunities – well quite frankly, they missed the point of the film. The film notably is sending up/ paying tribute to folkies like Richard and Mimi Farina, the New Christy Minstrels and the Kingston Trio none of whom went particularly electric (although there’s a wonderful Folksmen “Eve of Destruction” style video on the extras which rather ruins the MOJO point) and such jokes would have ruined the drive of the film. By wisely focusing on the three bands the film manages to pare down what could otherwise have been a lot of nonsense and the film is better for it. Quite why people didn’t welcome “A Mighty Wind” with wider arms I have no idea. It’s easily one the best films I’ve seen this year…
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12:18pm 16/08/2004
mood: tired
further to brain and body working at odds with each other GUESS WHAT? oh yes. i overslept three hours THROUGH MY ALARM and was about an hour and a half late for work. they saw the funny side of it though

officially a mess

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01:31am 16/08/2004
mood: restless
hi! i'm crispy's body. i'm really worn out from a physically exhausting nearly TWENTY HOURS of non stop travel, mainly due to britain's rubbish train system and right wing bigots who won't let you sleep. my hands are PARTICULARLY aching and needing of rest as are my eyes and arms and legs. oh yes. we would like nothing more than to relax and slowly drift off to the land of nod to be ready for a crappy day at work when your boss will no doubt shout at you because of the farce of the horrors of friday library opening hours. oh boy, sleep would be much appreciated thank you

yeah well yah boo to you crispy's body because i'm crispy's brain and i'm a bloody livewire. i won't stop bloody wizzing. i won't stop telling myself how to change things about how i live now i'm back here in lincoln, how to make changes and generally live life to the full a bit more now your lady love is coming to the same country as you. i also won't stop thinking about your wonderful break with your lady love and how hard it is to adapt to not having her there at the side to cuddle/ tickle as the mood takes me. hell my brain just wants to anything and everything. it knows no tiredness - it mocks my body and it's flimsy puny nature. it laughs at it. oh yes. HA! it says! HA!

god i love jetlag

am i making a word of sense? nope
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10:18pm 15/08/2004
mood: exhausted
i'm back

wish i wasn't


i miss sarah already. i know it'll only be a month but a month seems long enough

not a good journey back. i am exhausted but unable to sleep, ache all over, feel a bit ill and am dreading work tomorrow due to the fact i suspect i shall be everso slightly unpopular. my hands hurt very badly as well i may add

after two wonderful weeks with sarah everything just seems so horribly awful being back in this bloody place

otherly i am listening to this record a lot

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04:25pm 30/07/2004
mood: pleased

1. sorted out the pcounter problem

2. finished my plagiarism gubbins at LAST

3. had my expenses messed up AGAIN by the muppets in finance who dared to get shirty with me so i got pissed off back

4. discovered when i get back from holiday there maybe no stairs

5. and i know at least atommickbrane will be interested but fan modine have a new album out!

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09:48am 30/07/2004
mood: thoughtful
well talk about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat

as you may have remember from yesterday's whinge, i had the whole worry about the music books weighing over me. thing is with my boss chris, he can vary wildly in how he's going to react to stuff like the sudden appearance of hundreds of tatty music books clogging up his library and after my entry yesterday i began to - as is my wont - panic and feel sorry for myself and generally head into my customary self pity which has been happening a lot at work this last week or so (i blame undue tiredness and need for a holiday - so huzzah tomorrow!). but sometime after my lunch was interrupted by a huge digger (don't ask) i decided to take the matter into my own hands and tracked down the head of music and asked if she wanted to take a look

well frankly she didn't want to bother coming to the library, but was more than happy for me to dump the stuff in the music library and she could look later on. so foresaking the obvious getting a porter to do it, because i felt somehow that i'd cocked up enough with regards to the poor porters when it came to underestimating exactly how many books were there for collection i should leave them in peace, i decided to move ten heavy boxes of books all by myself using nothing but a trolley to assist me

oh dear

now sarah will tell you happily i struggle to even steer a shopping trolley, let alone a huge trolley heavily laden with books. but to be honest the steerage wasn't so much a problem first trip down - what was the problem was that the pathways had all been dug up for the new disabled access and so the route to the music department ended up being slightly bonkers due to the lack at important times of things like a path where one had been the day before. ugh. still managed the first trolley load

next trolley load though i packed up the huge trolley, with wire mesh covering the sides to take the boxes through the music building because that way i'd avoid the worries of there being no paths. except the problem with this trolley wasn't steering again (not a problem) but if anything that it steered too well. i'd forget how much was in the ruddy thing and let the trolley have a life all of its own - so i'd suddenly find a slope and realise the trolley was very VERY fast catching up with me and about to overtake me. this was even harder going through the building because it is entirely on a slope and the trolley seemed determined to gouge out huge chunks of wall on its merry way

THIRD attempt i managed to find a far better route round the side of the building, although again i had the problem of it wanting to attack me and the added bonus of this route being on the side of a three or four foot dip down to the ground outside the theatre and the trolley being REALLY keen to have a look. still, i got to the building far less painlelssly, opened the door and...

well let's just say by letting go of the trolley to open the door i was very nearly faced by a trolley about to fly down the slope towards the three or four foot drop (if i was lucky) and if unlucky see it head towards the windows to the theatre which would have been EVEN BY MY STANDARDS sodding bad luck of a grand nature. i managed to catch it and bring it inside and quickly unpacked it so it would behave - which went okay apart from the heaviest box suddenly giving way under the weight of the books and exploding over the music library four

oops. thankfully the fourth trolley load was an undramatic affair, and despite shedding half my bodyweight in sweat, the job was done. i told the head of music and - thank the lord - she was over the moon. she loved them, especially the sheet music and i've given her the contact details of the woman at the college we got them from in case she wants to get the rest of it. only proviso being the whole in case SHE wants to get the rest of it. i wash my hands of the whole thing

this will probably be my last major mail for the next couple of weeks - i may post occasionally when out in america with doubtfulme but i'm sure you'll understand if i'm distracted! hope all goes well with the lot of you and speak to you - and see some of you! - soon! TTFN!
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09:10am 30/07/2004
mood: confused
longshot: but does anyone know what pcounter is and how you get statistics from it?
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11:52am 29/07/2004
mood: depressed
i bloody well deserve this holiday

witness the catalogue of disasters of my last two weeks - having my hard drive wiped, having to put up with lloyd far too much, getting in a tizzy to finish my plagiarism guidelines and then finding out i'm the only one who's bothered to do them. ugh. and now add the music school farrago to the list. partway through monday lunch, chris tells me to stop what i'm doing - i was having my lunch - and get down to the college school the other side of lincoln with one of the porters post haste. the music department there had a new woman running it who wanted to get ride of the books that had amassed over the years and make a new start. i had a quick look, and considered there to be "a fair few but not loads" but today, collecting them i realised i really need to learn how much "a fair few" is

the thing is i have thousands of books and records and videos. because i never go out and have no social life it's all i have to do - amass books and records and sit in my room listening to one and reading the other. so my vision of a few books is probably - well - what i have. a couple of thousand or so. but that's not what normal people consider a few is it - i was suddenly faced with a porter who nearly had a heart attack when he saw the whole collection of books and now a huge pile of music scores all over the library which will give chris a heart attack when he comes back from holiday. of course he may find it hysterically funny - all depends on who wins the football really. but as it is i think he imagine a couple of hundred not a thousand or so which now clog up the twenty hefty boxes in the library area

bloody marvellous

is there no limit to my inability to do my job?
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08:10pm 28/07/2004
mood: full
the new doctor who costume?

if so, i have to say i rather like it now. especially now i know it's a battered old leather jacket rather than some sort of modern, sleek angel-like one as atommickbrane was mentioning t'other day. it bodes better and better all the time this...

i'm hoping the strikes at heathrow will bode better soon as well - eek!
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09:06pm 27/07/2004
mood: impressed
can i just say HURRAH!

this looks pretty great, as have most of the "rough trade shops" compilations so far - although i didn't buy the "rock and roll" one because 1. i'm not very rock and roll and 2. the tracklisting didn't really look very appealing. but the country, post punk and electronica ones have been wonderful. and this is in many places WONDERFUL - monochrome set, felt, sea urchins, the jesus and mary chain, TVPs, helen love (for those alone i hope datapanik is reading!), the marine girls, josef k, the shop assistants, the june brides and the flatmates all present and correct. i would and did change a lot of these and add the blueboy (the field mice are over rated), PO!, the chesterfields, the jasmine minks, orange juice, the chefs, the close lobsters, fantastic something, hey! paulette and the housemartins for a start but as far as the classic indiepop stuff goes this is the best general compilation of the genre i've seen. it's a lot more populist than the deliberately obscurist (but wonderful) "the sound of leamington spa" compilations, but that's as should be. the leamington spa ones are for the fans, the obsessives who would greet these with the joy that old sixties fans would have greeted the brit-psych "strange things are happening" compilations

it's the modern stuff i have issue with. ugh. spearmint? okay one of the least annoying songs. v twin? good god have they DONE anything not shite? and dressy bessy - heard two songs and both were AWFUL. i won't even *mention* camera obscura - who apart from "teenager" - are like someone has isolated the ithobel gene of belle and sebastian (NOT a wise move). and someone should be shot for putting bloody bis on this... ugh. really very unimaginative. i'm not crazy about modern indiepop but surely the relict or the clientele? hopkirk and lee? some of the matinee people? the lucksmiths? belle and sebastian? sodastream? even harper lee! good lord they had a real failure there... ah well

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